David J. Six - Resume

3209 Arthur MacArthur Road, San Pedro, CA 90731


  • I am a self-motivated employee. I enjoy my profession because of the constant changes and challenges it supplies on a day-to-day basis. I have a deep seeded competitiveness that forces me to always strive to be the best at everything I set my mind to. I have an uncanny ability to learn anything in a short period of time, allowing me to be a step above my peers.


  • My personal objectives, ambitions and goals are constantly changing. I prefer the short term goal approach, as compared to long term. I find that meeting your short term goals will always lead to achieving the long term goal, even if what that goal is, changes along the way. Adaptability is an important trait that I learned in my time serving in the U.S. Army. As such, I am prepared to make your company's objectives, a part of my own. expect nothing less than what my maximum effort can produce, and as such, would suggest the same expectations for myself, from you. In my opinion, this is what makes me perfect for this position, within your company.

Employment History

10/2013- Present

Veterans Healthcare Administration

Long Beach, CA

Biomedical Equipment Technician

  • This position is located within the Facilities Management Support, Biomedical Engineering Section at the VA Medical Center in Long Beach, CA. As one of the senior-level Biomedical Equipment Support Specialist (BESS), you will be assigned to highly complex medical equipment in one or more of the following functional areas: clinical physiological monitoring/telemetry, surgical/operating room (OR) systems, dialysis/water treatment, medical information technology (IT) equipment, Imaging/Radiology, or Clinical Laboratory. Major duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to: Serves as technical resource and adviser to the Supervisor and Biomedical Engineers on principles and practices which relate to his/her area of technical expertise; Coordinates with Facility Information Technology Service (FITS) staff to interface medical equipment via the hospital’s computer network and to Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (Vista) Imaging/Clinical Procedures; Finds solutions to failures of assigned equipment in the most cost efficient and expedient manner; Determines and implements solutions using accepted problem resolution approaches while maintaining high standards of equipment performance and safety; Coordinates and communicates with FITS staff regarding shared responsibilities for medical IT equipment and systems; Maintains list of medical IT equipment and systems to include Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN), Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) requirements, virus software, security, and Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) compliance; Coordinates the installations of new and upgraded equipment/systems; Performs initial inspections, periodic preventative maintenance (PM), electrical safety (ES) inspections, and final evaluations of assigned equipment; Identifies equipment failures/problems that are a result of operator error rather than equipment malfunction; Trains and educates personnel in the professional techniques and methods of safe operation of existing and new instrumentation and technology; and, Performs all other duties as assigned.


United States Army

Multiple Locations

Biomedical Equipment Technician

  • Basic Job Description: The Biomedical Equipment Technician is primarily responsible for servicing and maintaining all medical equipment. The equipment they work on involve mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic, digital, optical and radiological principals. Duties performed by Soldiers in this Military Occupation include: Performs preventive maintenance checks and services (i.e., test, operate, lubricates, adjusts, tightens, and cleans) all medical equipment. Troubleshoots to isolate malfunctioning or defective components and/or boards on Medically related equipment. Computes power and space requirements for installation medical equipment and installs units to manufacturer's specifications. Prepares and submits medical equipment reports. Supervises the performance of preventive maintenance checks and services (i.e., test, operates, lubricates, adjusts, tightens, and cleans) of medical equipment. Troubleshoots to isolate and repair malfunctioning or defective components and/or boards on medically related equipment. Participates in planning power and space requirements for the installation of medical equipment and supervises the installation to manufacturer's specifications. Prepares and submits medical equipment reports. Contributes to the development of medical maintenance Standing Operating Procedures. Performs quality control functions at all levels of medical maintenance. Supervises and advises subordinate personnel.


C & S Incorporated

Bradley, IL

Commercial & Residential Sales & Service Technician

  • Performed, planned and supervised both residential and commercial Satellite Televison installations. Serviced residential and commercial customers with various issues/ technical problems. Responsible for training new hires as well as performance appraisels for those technicians I supervised. Responsible for scheduled and unschedule maintenance on the vehicles within our fleet. Ordered and maintained stock of all parts, receivers, satellite dishes and their components.


Convergent Media

Chicago, IL

Field Service Technician

  • Reponsibilities included: Maintaining over 350 closed circuit television customers across parts of Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. Most customers were Junior High Schools, High Schools and Colleges and Universities. Commercial companies included Bank of America, Autozone and several individually owned companies. Performed troubleshooting, installation and repair. Also responsible for maintaining parts and equipment inventory, company owned vehicle and equipment awaiting repair. Performed verification checks in locations where programming and equipment use was under contract through the company.

Education, Service Training and Certifications

May 2011

BMET/CBET National Certification

Denver, CO

  • Certification: National Accrediting Body for Biomedical Equipment Technicians, AAMI, has given me certification through testing and knowledge base. Documentation available upon request.
  • Supporting documents available upon request.

October 2010

Steris Steam Sterilizer Tech. Course

Erie, PA

  • Course description: Course included education in classroom work and testing. Testing was also performed in the Steris Skills lab, with active or, "live", equipment. Certification encompasses Medium to Large steam sterilizers.
  • Certificate and Documentation available upon request.

August 2010

Lumenis Encore CO2 Laser Service Training

San Jose, CA

  • Description: Week long course focusing on repair and calibration of the Encore CO2 Surgical Laser. Course was part classroom study and part hands on lab time. Certification was given after a final test was passed to the company's satisfaction.
  • Certificate available upon request.

September 2009

Compview Medical NuBoom Service Training

Beaverton, OR

  • Description: Reviewed the basics of Audio Visual and Software components. Examined the engineering ideas behind the technology. Learned the processes of the DOCS system.Talked through troubleshooting issues. Performed examination.
  • Certification available upon request.

May 2009

Planmeca Biomed Certification

Roselle, IL

  • Course description: Training and certification on both Intra-Oral and Promax Planmeca Dental X-Rays. Authorizations include: Installing, Maintaining and Servicing all Planmeca X-Ray Units.
  • Certificate available upon request.

Febraury- December 2008

DOD Biomedical Equipment Tech.Training Course

Sheppard Air Force Base, TX

  • Courses: Intro to Biomedical Equipment Tech., Intro to Medical Equipment, Physiological Monitoring Equipment, Medical Support Equipment, Surgical Equipment, Field Equipment Systems, Dental and Sterilizer Systems, Intro to Diagnostic Imaging, Intermediate/Advanced Diagnostic Imaging, Computer Based Medical Systems, AC Circuits, DC Circuits, Basic Solid-State Theory, Logic Circuit Analysis
  • Course Description: Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to maintain, repair, and service a wide variety of the instruments and permanent equipment used in Medical and Dental Care, Laboratory and Radiologic Sciences, and related Medical and Clinical Operations. Practical exercises, discussion, classroom exercises, Laboratory, and lecture are taught. Topics include Army specific Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive topics; servicing and repairing Medical, Dental and related Medical Instruments, as well as practical application and field work in Medical Equipment Repair.
  • Department of Defense-Army Distinguished Honor Graduate- Highest Grade Point Average in Graduating Class.

October 2007- January 2008

Basic Combat Training

Fort Jackson, SC

  • Description: Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to demonstrate the skills to perform as a military soldier in a combat environment including tactical navigation, landmine defense, miltiary communications and weapons skills.
  • Manual of completed training available upon request.